Teaching and research are synergistic scholarly activities. My experience with teaching has enabled me to realize that teaching emphasizes conveying things that are known to people who do not yet understand them, while research on the other hand involves discovering things that are not yet known and describing them to everyone. I converted my belief to practice as evidenced by the Award of Excellence by a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the university-level, which is bestowed to one teaching assistant annually at the University of Central Florida (UCF) having an enrollment of 70,000 students. Being a lab instructor and teaching assistant of the core undergraduate required Computer Organization course for four years has inspired and motivated me to become a faculty member for the intrinsic rewards of teaching, which includes seeing the students’ satisfaction upon understanding the technical subjects, as well as exposing me to various ways to acquire knowledge, and communicate with learners that have increased my own ability to understand, explain, and even perform research. For the latter, I have published original approaches ranging from the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) conference to IEEE Transactions on Education. My primary research focus is on the Digitization and Personalization of STEM Curricula.

A. Teaching Experiences

  • Computer Organization and Design, Lab Instructor, University of Central Florida, Fall 2014-Fall 2018
    • Sole recipient of the Award for Excellence by a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University level, 2015-2016
    • Teaching weekly labs to 100+ students per semester; including grading of assignments
    • Designing and preparing project assignments, grading of projects, and tutoring students via post-test remediation sessions
    • Configuring and operating MARS Assembler and Xilinx ISE software and C/C++ and Verilog/VHDL Languages
    • Preparing demonstration of processor RTL and Schematic design using Synopsys’ Design Compiler
  • Electronics I, Teaching Assistant, University of Tehran, Spring 2013-Spring 2014
  • Theory of Formal Languages and Automata, Teaching Assistant University of Tehran, Fall 2013-Spring 2014
  • Microprocessors Interfacing Circuit Design, Teaching Assistant, University of Tehran, Spring 2013 and Spring 2014
  • Microprocessors, Teaching Assistant, University of Tehran, Fall 2013
  • Advanced Programming and Laboratory, Lab Instructor, Isfahan University of Technology, Spring 2011

B. Professional Training

  • Computer Organization and Design, Course Content Development, University of Central Florida, Fall 2014-Fall 2018
    • Worked closely with two faculty members in order to develop Projects, Lab assignments, Quizzes, Exams, and Course Contents in an innovative electronically-delivered format for about 100 students per semester
    • Designing and Preparing the course web page and online evaluation
    • Developing a new method for lab assignments and lab assessments using Xilinx Basys2 FPGA boards
    • Authoring a 14-Week Lab Manual for the required laboratory component
  • Preparing Tomorrow’s Faculty, Academic Career Preparation Training Course (completed as a trainee), University of Central Florida, May 2015-August 2015
    • Creating and organizing course content and related documents
    • Writing a teaching philosophy statement
    • Identifying and discussing relevant issues in teaching and learning
    • Managing students’ behavior through effective policies and expectations
    • Evaluating students’ strengths related to teaching and learning
    • Constructing a teaching portfolio
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